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Blueberry blissballs – Sugar free and vegan

Blueberry blissballs - sugar free and vegan

Do you feel blue? Lacking energy or just plain tired? Well, these magical blueberry blissballs will pick you right up and set you on your way to unicorn land with heaps of energy.

I love making blissballs, it’s so easy, so delicious and it litterary just takes a few minutes to make and you are right back on track to so you can continue your day like nothing ever happened.

And since blueberries are one of my favorite berries to work with I just hade to make some blueberry blissballs. 

Why should you make some balls?

If you aren’t convinced by the beauty of them then maybe this can convince you.

  • Will give you a taste explotion in our mouth
  • Might cause energy bursts
  • Impossible to take just one
  • Will give you a blueberry addiction

These blueballs came to life as always through my sweet addiction. As I try to stay away from sweets I turned to dates, coconut and bilberry powder from Love Arctic*. And it truly make my sweet itch stop itching.
*Not sponsored

Are you ready for the recipe?


  • 100 gram pitted dates
  • 75 grams shredded coconut
  • 2 tbsp of Love Arctic bilberry powder


  • Pit the dates
  • Add all your ingredients in a mixer
  • Mix until everything forms into a ball
  • Roll a tbsp of dough into a small ball and roll in more bilberry powder

Now enjoy your balls as an energy boosting snack. A treat, a sweet or candy. What ever you choose it to be, it can be.

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